What Is Streaming Media?

streaming media means constant multimedia distribution that requires the least amount of storage, or none at all on the network. Streaming doesn’t just refer to the way content is delivered however, but to the actual content. The concept of streaming media is becoming increasingly popular because consumers are demanding more on-demand content. What exactly is streaming media?

Streaming Media allows users to play, rewind or accelerate content. Since the data is not being transmitted in a sequential manner as it’s transmitted according to the bandwidth available. Since networks have improved their speed and capacity, this technique gained popularity in the 90s. ดูหนังออนไลน์ need a fast connection to stream media streaming online.

Streaming media could be video or audio content that’s sent via the internet in compressed format. It is then possible for the user to play back the contents in their own device. Streaming media reduces the necessity to download or watch media content, which may be a long time to download. Streaming media lets you exchange files with your friends or families.